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mercredi 23 novembre 2011


Shakespeare is back...

For those who have missed it...
In 1727, Lewis Theobald produced a play called Cardenio (Double Falsehood). He claimed that Cardenio was based on three manuscripts of an unnamed lost play written by Shakespeare and Fletcher. 

Some years before, it was the publisher Humphrey Moseley who was the first to link The HIstory of Cardenio with Shakespeare and recorded it as such.

Cardenio is an episode in Don Quixote and Theobald changed the characters' names. The play was performed the very first time on December 13th, 1727 at The Theater Royal, Drurt Lane and published in 1728. The last occurrence of the play could date from 1793.

 Then it had been forgotten for years and decades until Arden edited a new version of it in 2010. The following year it was performed in Stratford-Upon-Avon for the first time in April by the "RSC".

Click on the link to read the article from The Guardian and still from The Guardian another debating article.

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